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We are re-launching our web channels

We are re-launching our web channels

Welcome to our program United Smart Cites.

Our goal is to promote sustainable urban development, especially in countries with transition economies and developing countries, through analysis of practices and policies, pilot activities, exchange of experiences and best practices, networking and capacity building. The project will help to scale up the European experiences of smart cities to countries outside of the EU.

The project objective is to strengthen the capacities of national and local authorities in the project region for the development and implementation of national and local policies for sustainable urban development.

In order to ensure sustainable development of urban areas and smart cities, it is of utmost importance and an asset of this project to work to establish linkages between the public and the private sector. The project will work to develop cross-sector partnerships as well as to work to ensure development of a sustainable and long-term vibrant and profitable network of Smart Cities.


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