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USC - JoinSmart.City and m-connected sign cooperation agreement for the UK

USC - JoinSmart.City and m-connected sign cooperation agreement for the UK

London, July 2nd, 2018. M-connected announces the partnership with JoinSmart.City to roll out the OTT citizen engagement platform joinsmart.city in the UK.

Your digital Innovation, member of United Smart Cities initially has built this platform with the attitude that “Cities can only be smart when citizens are connected”. Around this initial idea, the company developed an ecosystem of value for cities based on a research in 50 cities. The central question of what is a city in the digital age, how can the city position sustainable in the digital era is answered with a concrete business case.

Citizen 4 Citizen

The USP for cities is to immediately get started. 12 cases, 8 around citizen engagement communication,  youth & sports, IoT,… focus majorly on the human element. Citizens can raise their voice for future development, can contribute (and vote) with their ideas and this collective intelligence can be used by the mayor. Citizens can contribute to city marketing, where all citizens produce content, distribute in social media for a successful city. Citizens, as well as enterprises, benefit from the new digital infrastructure. It's possible to network with others or advertise with special offer coupons, vouchers or gift codes where citizens spare money. Local topics such as repair and optimization, sports and communication are other use cases.

Easy to use 4 all

The creation of Smart Cities without involving citizens can't lead to sustainable development. In addition, the majority of citizens needs to be engaged. Digitisation in cities is a development and enabling the process. JoinSmart.Cities brings in an ecosystem thinking instead of product focus, and orients on human value-add which starts with awareness and learning. Happiness as the target is not a matter of technical solution, it is majorly based on more time within families, health, life standard,...

“We are delighted to partner with Your Digital Innovation. We have access to cities, we see the need to include the citizen in the development process, we especially like the overall awareness of Your Digital Innovation,” so Pete Johnson CEO m-connected.

 “We believe that citizens are the key to a successful digital city transformation. We have business models to include brands, telecommunication partners, insurance companies in this development.” so Jürgen Gutmayer CEO Your Digital Innovation.

“United Smart Cities is accelerating the speed with these initiatives in more and more countries. The process to transform towards a smart city is only possible by involving citizen. The cities will see more and more value-add within our network. The KPI platform to benchmark, the marketplace for knowledge exchange. There are lots of benefits and we are looking forward to bundling the power with more and more cities”, so Kari Eik, General Secretary of United Smart Cities.

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