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United Smart Cities . Annual . Meeting

United Smart Cities . Annual . Meeting

The focus on Smart Sustainable Cities has given rise to an ecosystem of municipal leaders, planners, sustainability directors, entrepreneurs, technologists, funders, and advocates. What is often missing is a centralized facilitation platform to bring together these architects of the sustainable future.

United Smart Cities, a global Smart Cities program implemented by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER), welcomed their main industry partners and urban experts in the United Smart Cities LAB in Vienna (Kandlgasse 19, 1070 Vienna) to discuss about the next steps of the program and to develop new ideas of improvement for city communities during the Annual Meeting.

“Cities are the hubs of the future and need individual integrated solutions to solve their challenges. The USC program enables the development and showcasing of these solutions.” - Kari Eik, Secretary General, OiER -Organization for International Economic Relations

The USC Annual Meeting provided a platform for the exchange of experiences, solution showcase and challenges related to main urban topics such as “Mobility”, “Digitalization”, “E-Government” and “Urban Development”. It was a space for discussions, bilateral meetings, innovator talks with experts from all over the world such as Markus Keller (Senior Vice President Smart Cities & Innovation Strategy Deutsche Telekom Group), Maria Strigunova (Sustainability Programmes Manager, FIA - Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), Alberto Lopez (Management, Digital Globe), Klaus Heidinger (Head of City Solutions Global Center of Competence Cities, SIEMENS), Joel A Mills  (CEO, Offshore Simulator Center), Andre Pura (Rubicon IT) and numerous other smart city specialists . Who else participated? United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNIDO, ITU, EUROCITIES, Braintribe, Rubicon, Solved – The Cleantech Company, Kreisel Electric, Opus Inspection Leitner Ropeways, X-Cite, Sendhybrid, Leitner ropeways as well as startups and experts.

Forbes led through the event and the various panels and discussion rounds to already get some first conclusions on “what is needed to support cities in United Smart Cities”.

Already during the meeting, more than 25 solutions were presented. In the near future, international partners, startups, cities, and UN experts will work on smart city solutions to accelerate new projects.

Solutions of the event only give a first idea of what is about to come. Acting as a role model, the ideas and projects of United Smart Cities will be brought to cities worldwide, establishing a global network enhancing the development of the cities of the future.


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