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Time for new Solutions! - USC High-Level Networking Event

Time for new Solutions! - USC High-Level Networking Event

May 22nd // 3 pm - Showcase opening // 4 pm - Media launch
@ United Smart Cities LAB, Halbgasse 7, 1070 Vienna

United Smart Cities is a multi-stakeholder UN-affiliated program addressing the development of Smart Sustainable Cities around the world. The main program objectives encompass: establishing a multi-stakeholder platform and content hub for smart city initiatives, identifying and developing a new smart financing mechanism, and ensuring knowledge transfer to identify best practices and realize smart urban solutions.

USC is the pathway to successful partnerships between cities and the private sector as the program provides both a process and a framework for cooperation between UN organizations, such as UNECE, UNIDO, UNDP, and Local2030, as well as cities and the private sector.


Standardized UN Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Evaluation for Smart Cities
Interactive Investment Marketplace for Urban Projects

Smart City LAB:

Launching the first United Smart Cities LAB in the heart of Vienna, we are establishing a global co-creation community to explore new ideas and build the future of Smart Cities. Global companies, start-ups, and cities are presenting their ideas and solutions by showcases of smart city initiatives.

Hard Facts


- Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, UNECE

- Ivonne Higuero, Director Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, UNECE

- Kari Aina Eik, Secretary General, OiER

- Stefan Ebner, CEO, and Founder, Braintribe

Q&A Session

Showcases by global companies, start-ups, and cities

High-Level Networking with representatives of all stakeholders (UN, OiER, Companies, Start-ups, Cities)


Register now and join us to develop the cities of the future!

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