OiER sets up Global Investment Marketplace

OiER sets up Global Investment Marketplace

OiER and Solved – The Cleantech Company aim to become the most extensive global initiative to build scalable and comprehensive solutions for cities.

Solved is providing a custom platform, which is opened to every city in the large network, and an investment marketplace as well as advisory on-demand services in the field of smart cities. The customized service reaches thousands of professional users.

The customized OiER/Solved/United for Smart Sustainable Cities platform is ideal for achieving effective collaboration between city representatives, companies, financiers, and top smart city experts locally and internationally. It also improves the coordination and development of multiple projects by diverse teams among various stakeholders. The platform enables an innovative match between a project idea and solution providers.

The United for Smart Sustainable Cities program is a global initiative that was established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in cooperation with the Organization for International Economic Relations and other international organizations and cities as well as industry and the financial sector.

Through the partnership with Solved, OiER is able to provide cities a unique opportunity in order to engage with the right investors, experts, and solutions providers early enough to obtain a better understanding of the most relevant solutions and financing available. Industry partners, on the other hand, are able to promote their company through the platform and position smart city relevant products and services.

“The platform is the key collaboration channel of the U4SSC program for cities as well as the private and financial sectors in order to identify, develop, and realize smart sustainable city projects. Solved’s extensive expert network of over 2500 experts is a valuable asset when identifying, evaluating, and developing the projects further”, Kari Eik, OiER Secretary General.

The collaboration tackles emerging city challenges. Today, already 3.5 billion people live in cities. Urban challenges include congestion, lack of funds to provide basic services, a shortage of adequate housing, and deteriorating infrastructure. Tackling urban challenges is important so that cities can continue creating jobs and prosperity without depleting land and resources.

“The United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities program has a clear focus. It supports cities and smart sustainable technology solutions and services worldwide in order to implement urban infrastructure projects. The Solved platform is an ideal tool for early-stage engagement between cities, solutions providers, and financiers”, says Santtu Hulkkonen, Co-founder of Solved.


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