Vienna, Austria / Events, Consulting, Investment

Rainhard Fuchs
Head of Public Sector

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

Pioneers is the ultimate one-stop-platform for global tech innovators to access high-value, curated and qualified data of early-stage and Series A European startups. It establishes and facilitates direct, meaningful business relationships between startups, corporate executives, and investors. Established in 2009 in Vienna, Pioneers helps redefine industries by creating various platforms to help develop future technologies and introduce cutting-edge solutions. Pioneers offers integrated services from online database access, via advisory and investment services to events of various scale and profile. Its flagship event takes place in the 500-year-old Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna and brings together a community of 2,500 founders, investors, and executives from over 100 nations. Of all future tech events globally, Pioneers has unparalleled access to European-wide tech leaders.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

Pioneers will convey a startup ecosystem analysis. This analysis should help to identify strengths and weaknesses of the startup ecosystem in the region and will show the development potential. Moreover, it will also give important insights into further steps to position the region among the leading areas in the field of startup innovation. The Ecosystem Report shall explain the status quo of the country and shall record recommendations for the improvement of the status quo.


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