CuraSolutions – by nature

Vienna, Austria / Life Sciences / Hygiene

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

Cura Solutions focuses on the effective and sustainable reduction and elimination of undesirable microorganisms, both in indoor air as well as on surfaces and in water systems.

All developments come from our subsidiary, AirSolution, Germany, which, for more than a decade now, has proven itself a reliable partner to the food industry in the field of natural disinfection, sterilization and disinfection of food production processes.

CuraSolutions, with its globally unique technology and the versatile usability thereof, intends to establish a leading position in the segments IndustrialCare, PublicCare and HealthCare while also exploring additional fields of application. With this in mind, we continuously expand the international sales network.

Since sustainability is particularly important to Cura Solutions, they only work with the L.O.G. family of active ingredients, which they extract from nature's own building blocks. Theproducts excel in effectiveness, non-toxicity, environmental friendliness and their compatibility with all types of materials.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

With its unique, highly sustainable hygienic technologies CuraSolutions can positively impact cities endeavors to lessen the environmental footprint they leave when it comes to solving the difficult, manifold hygienic challenges which lie ahead, be it in air and on surfaces but also in entire water systems.


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