Reinvent OG

Vienna / Consulting & Technology

Stefan Nastic

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

Reinvent is a Vienna University of Technology spin-off company founded by a group of software engineers, researchers and technology experts. The young and dynamic team offers IT consulting, development and innovation services in the domains of Smart Business Processes, Green Energy, Fintech, Smart Water and E-Mobility.

Reinvent is an IT technology expertise provider, with a track record of driving digital transformation and facilitating business process optimization. They help their customers to optimize business processes and deliver smart solutions in a variety of Smart City domains. And achieve this by offering a unique set of skills and smart technology solutions to transform traditional businesses into smart businesses of the future.

Their comprehensive service offering enables the support of clients across their entire value chain in order to jointly deliver smart solutions. They provide services to analyze, optimize and continuously monitor the core business processes of their customers. And the services facilitate the gaining of deeper insights and achieving optimal performance of the value chain’s mission-critical tasks.

Reinvent’s services blend a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies and expertise. Their core expertise covers the areas of Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Social Computing, Data Analytics and Blockchain Technologies. It is delivered by a mix of highly skilled system architects, software engineers and researchers, guaranteeing the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

With an extensive experience in working with a variety of companies and cities on numerous joint projects, their mission is to continue bringing a new perspective and the development of innovative solutions for all.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

Today, cities and municipalities are finding it increasingly difficult to develop in-house smart city solutions and keep up the pace with the latest technological developments. This problem exists despite the major incentives from savings and improvement in the quality of life that the latest technological advances are bringing. With its expertise in different Smart City domains, Reinvent is able to adopt best practices and solutions from lighthouse Smart Cities around the world and deliver them to its clients.

Reinvent delivers smart solutions in various Smart City domains through its strategic partnerships with local companies and domain experts. Such a complementary combination of ICT, local and domain-specific expertise allows Reinvent to offer highly innovative solutions to cities/municipalities specifically tailored to their needs. Concretely, Reinvent has the required expertise to help cities, municipalities, utility companies or local city partners develop a range of smart solutions, which include:
• Predictive maintenance solutions
• Smart water network and water loss management systems
• Smart waste management systems
• Mobility solutions
• Platform for environmental impact monitoring
• Citizen engagement and co-creation
Their solutions rely on utilizing cloud services, IoT and data analytics, allowing the cities to better ascertain the state of the infrastructure and the needs of the citizens in near-real time, predict the future trends and plan for infrastructure maintenance and investments, as well as enable a deeper inclusion of the citizens in the entire process of city management.


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