DocLX City Card Solutions

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What makes the company’s services and products smart?

The integrated City Card Solution is a holistic fully automated system which allows the operator of a city or regions card to manage all modules with one single system. All the process and workflows are digitised. It is a web-based modular system that can be easily adapted to different kinds of all-inclusive and discount cards. The basic architecture, stock management, sales and attractions partners, vouchering and couponing, financial services, CRM, public transportation, off/online shop, integrated App and the digital ticket in the app delivers a completely digital process. As a result of this, the operator can collect different kinds of data to evaluate the flow of the tourist at the destination. Furthermore, the attraction and the sales partners can manage easily different direct marketing activities and increase the service for the tourists. On the other side, the service brings clear benefits to the tourism industry in the card's destination.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

DocLX offers the municipality of the official tourist board as well as the operator of the destination card an innovative system that increases tourism efficiency. Furthermore, due to the collection of the data, the municipality can manage to steer the flow of the tourists. This knowledge also helps to offer a better service to the local people. The future of tourism is going to be increasingly digital with tourists becoming increasingly accustomed to the use of their smartphones with different features, allowing ease of movement in a foreign destination.



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