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What makes the company’s services and products smart?

The focus of RUBICON‘s products is on long-lasting solutions to intrinsic corporate structural challenges. First and foremost, RUBICON aims to sustainably improve the central business processes that are responsible for the success of any authority or enterprise. Hence RUBICON‘s aspiration to fulfil even the strictest quality standards with regard to every component of software architecture and to the exceptional standards of supervision and customer care within the scope of comprehensive project support. In this regard, they support the entire development cycle from IT consulting to training and, last but not least, the operation of software applications at their ISO 27001-certified computer center. The defined objective of achieving long-term customer benefit applies to all of the strategies, products and services.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

Modern online services enable public authorities to further improve and to make their services available beyond the traditional scope to a broader public. RUBICON also provides citizens with a growing number of official transactions online. Public administration also benefits from more efficient processes and cost reductions through the use of service-oriented IT solutions. Solutions from RUBICON enable the following online services:
• Electronic lost and found office
• Complaint and request management
• E-Forms
• Input management
• E-Delivery
• Session and conference service
• Registry solutions
Acta Nova and Nova Find – innovative IT-solutions by RUBICON – provide the basis for efficient citizen-oriented services. Acta Nova is the comprehensive solution for efficient case processing. The document and workflow management modules included in Acta Nova simplify the structured handling of business cases and comprehensibly map every stage along the way. Nova Find is the web-based lost and found solution, which enables authorities, companies all industries with an intuitive platform to manage found items. The RUBICON solution is founded on sophisticated search technology, a high rate of returned property and reduced costs.


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