Opus Inspection

East Granby, USA / Safety & Security

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

Opus Inspection is a multi-national company that provides such services as vehicle diagnostic and reprogramming services by using their highly-developed and globally recognized safety and emissions testing equipment and programmes. It was the first company worldwide to provide electronic emissions analysing testing systems for vehicles. Alongside the private businesses, Opus Inspection also works in close cooperation with government agencies.

The company’s services directly benefit the quality of life within the communities they work since its services are benefiting the air quality and safer highways. Furthermore, Opus Inspection implements environmental measures in its own work by consistently reducing energy consumption, increasing the share of renewable energy, and recycling its waste.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

Opus Inspection implements emission programmes and safety programmes in accordance with environmentally friendly regulations and local requirements. They are involved from the first phase till the final one in the inspection of a respective public or private institution’s products, including, training, software development, auditing, financial management, data analysis etc. The company is aware of the various needs and conditions of the communities, where it works.

By now, Opus Inspection has gained broad international experience in 24 states in the USA and such countries like Peru, Pakistan, Sweden, Bermuda and Mexico. The main benefit of cooperation is improvement of the air quality and safe transportation infrastructure, thus, also having a positive impact on community’s well-being. Thus, the smart cities aiming to solve their heavy traffic issues, air pollution, and the overall health of its population, can foresee significant benefits in partnership with Opus Inspection.


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