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What makes the company’s services and products smart?

LEITNER is an ISO 14001 accredited organization and maintains an environmental management system. Sustainability plays an important role across the LEITNER group, as is particularly evident from the synergies between the individual companies. Ropeways are not the only systems for which the LEITNER DirectDrive has proved to be an innovative and sustainable technology. In 2003, the direct drive provided the technical foundation required for LEITNER to enter the renewable energies sector with LEITWIND wind turbines. Here, the drive is used in reverse operation as a generator.

The world’s only gearless drive system for ropeways enables significant cost savings. The LEITNER DirectDrive works using a synchronous motor with an output shaft that is directly linked to the pulley wheel. In contrast to conventional planetary gear drive systems, absolutely no engine oil is required and it consumes approximately five percent less energy. The logical next step up from DirectDrive is the LeitDrive frequency inverter. It converts the mains voltage and regulates the speed of the motor, ensuring the system has the power it requires This new technology is especially environmentally friendly. The waste heat can be used for heating and hot water.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

It’s no longer only winter sports enthusiasts that are on the move with systems from LEITNER ropeways. For cities in developing countries ropeways from LEITNER are an immediate solution provider, for Western municipalities ropeways represent a state of the art transport-solution with incomparably high availability. Urban ropeways provide social integration, overcome obstacles and create added value for tourism. For a city, the features of a ropeway are very interesting. Ropeways from LEITNER, for example, do not need much space, can cross over any obstacle and can also save time. Furthermore, there are no conflicts with other traffic users and one engine is sufficient to move several vehicles. Ropeways are a very useful way of connecting sensitive recreation zones in urban areas.

LEITNER ropeways combines cutting-edge technology and superior quality with sustainability, premium design and individualized customer requirements. Through technological innovations, LEITNER ropeways creates excellent conditions for success, such as the LEITNER DirectDrive system – unique within the industry, these systems run much more quietly and consume less energy.
The diverse needs of customers are fulfilled by innovative, individualized solutions from LEITNER and turn a ride into an experience. The corporate design of the destination can be seamlessly integrated into the ropeway itself. LEITNER ropeways rigorously focuses on superior quality and offers maximum comfort for passengers.


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