Population: 65,843

What makes the city smart?

Voznesensk has been implementing energy efficient measures and e-governance initiatives with the UNDP since 2006 within the scope of sustainable urban development and smart cities concept. As part of such, Voznesensk municipality runs an e-office in form of a blog on which local authority can interact with its citizens: voznesensk.wordpress.com. Furthermore, the citizens of Voznesensk have been supplied with electronic medical cards whilst hospitals are joint by a single online database.

The UNDP has further been leading “Programme Genesis” within the framework of the Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme (MGSDP) in Ukraine for the past decade. The aim initially was to spread the importance and involve citizens in sustainable development, and moreover facing local social, economic and environmental challenges through public-private partnerships. Resource sharing, ownership and sustainability are at its core .

What are the city’s needs in term of urban project implementation?

In spite of the successful execution of some transformational innovations, there are still many opportunities for additional pioneering smart and sustainable projects. For instance, the following goals of the UNDP MGSDP (see above):
- Introduce democratic practices in municipalities
- Develop set of recommendations to improve public service delivery at the local level
- Inter-municipal initiative on solid waste management

The city is now developing policies and mechanisms in an effort to confront illegal temporary constructions.
In the energy sector, neoteric conservation measures need to be imposed. Further projects are required in the fields of infrastructure, environment (water, land and air pollution) and economy in first line.

Showcase for sustainable projects

The innovative e-governments efforts are successfully promoting transparency and approachability contributing to a stable political climate.
Simultaneously, the UNDP in Ukraine observes that the “development of information and communication technologies” - such as the creation of a unified hospital database system – “allows for achieving improvement of urban climate by lowering energy use and harmful emissions while boosting socio-economic growth”.


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