Population: 2,270,000

What makes the city smart?

Accra, the capital of Ghana, has become the leading example in smart urbanization at national and regional level. The local government is welcoming the innovations in the information technology to advance the labour market, infrastructure and the daily life of population in Accra.

The government institutions use only online tools for the job recruitment and the payrolls to civil servants, teachers and the professionals working at the state level. The national companies providing gas and electricity also offer online billing services. Meanwhile, telecommunication companies are succeeding in using wind and solar power for their mobile stations.

The city of Accra is also contributing in well-being and comfort of its inhabitants. The local government has invested in new public transportation vehicles. Accra has also become well-known for having plenty of public parks and open spaces for youth and children to develop their skills.

What are the city’s needs in term of urban project implementation?

The city is experiencing several challenges caused by a heavy traffic. Thus, the local government is looking for the solutions in installing smart traffic lights to ease the flow of traffic and in modernizing the public transportation system. Additionally, the municipality is seeking for assistance in innovative and effective monitoring of the transportation networks to plan better infrastructure projects.

Furthermore, Accra needs project ideas for urban planning. The city’s government is seeking for solutions for the affordable and environmentally-friendly housing, and inclusive landscape that would benefit the well-being of inhabitants, especially, by transforming city into more walkable space and less prioritizing cars.

Considering the high threats of cholera outbreak, the city is in need of more sustained solutions for water and sanitation systems. In particular, one of the biggest challenges in Accra is the water pollution.

Showcase for sustainable projects

Climate change and flood threats are common challenges faced by the population of Accra. Thus, the local government implements the project improving flood risk management and modernizing infrastructure in order to make it more sustained in case of further disasters. The part of the project is also dedicated to the research to support decision-makers in more effective policy planning and developing indicators for more resilient infrastructure.

The local government of Accra also supervises a project aiming to study local sanitation systems. The overall objective is to have evidence-based data to plan more sustained water and sanitation management systems at community level.


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