Established in 1947, as an NGO and business platform to promote peace and international cooperation through economic development, OiER has grown to become a global and international platform. With its wide variety of members - corporate entities, business associations, international organizations and NGOs - from more than 80 countries, OiER acts as an advisory and intermediary service organization that supports information exchange and analyses, identifying opportunities, matchmaking, and investment facilitation.

During the last decade, private corporations around the world have increasingly started to get involved in local and global causes. In today's world, there is an increasing pressure on private sector institutions to implement or support initiatives and causes that improve the environment and community well-being. This trend is evident in the increased corporate giving and increased corporate reporting on social responsibility initiatives. Corporate giving is gradually shifting from being an obligation to becoming an integral part of corporation’s strategy and brand.


For the past more than 70 years, the OiER has been successfully building and expanding a worldwide network for business, technology, science and government and has been a pioneer in the development and promotion of economic processes and international cooperation.


OiER has therefore expanded its services and place now special focus on aligning public interest and the offerings and requirements of the private sector in the fields of energy and environment, infrastructure, urban development, health, agri-business, education and employment. During the past 3 years OiER has had focus in using its platform to work with members to formulate effective and targeted public-private partnerships that promote and enhance sustainable growth with a special focus on the developing world. OiER assesses important initiatives by the not-for-profit and public institutions, matches those initiatives to the interests of its private sector members (and private sector corporations at large) as well as actively the needed resources for successful implementation.

At this time the organization is focusing largely on using its platform to initiate business partnerships that relate to the core business and value chain process of its members, in ways that promote development and reduce poverty. Especially programs targeting central Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Additionally,  OiER assesses important initiatives by not-for-profit and public institutions, matches those initiatives to the interests of its private sector members as well as actively acquire the needed resources for successful implementation. In 2019 OiER was selected as UN Charter Excellence Center for Smart Sustainable Cities and is leading the United for Smart Sustainable Cities program supported by 16 UN agencies.