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Jürgen Gutmayer

What makes the company’s services and products smart?

The platform is the smart ingredient for cities to develop hand in hand with citizens into the future.

"Humans are the most important sensors and actors within a smart city."
"A city can only be smart when humans are connected."

The engagement platform is the starting point for cities towards a digital ecosystem.
A city in the digital age is an access platform. JoinSmart.City turns a cost project into a revenue and future perspective for cities.

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

The USC platform is a new and innovative approach to involve citizen in different city processes (e-participation, e-government, tourism, decision making, etc.).

Moreover, it is enhancing cooperation between corporates and cities. It has been designed as a result of requests from cities and governments, to better involve citizen in different decision-making processes and to give them a platform to interact and to use connected solutions on their needs and wants.

The following major cases were identified regarding engagement of citizen:
• Citizen are able to share their ideas for future development, they can contribute (and vote) with their ideas and this collective intelligence can be used by the city.
How does this work in detail: Citizen register, contribute their idea with foto/video upload, the community votes & comments. In the voting process every citizen can vote once a day. This is an easy approach so that every average educated citizen can contribute. There is best experience with it, making it easy to be part of it.
• Citizen can be involved in vetted decision-making processes to get a real time feedback and to build smart solutions on their needs and wants.
• E-Government solutions can be offered to citizens to simplify and shorten official channels.
• Citizens as well as enterprises benefit from the new infrastructure. As an enterprise, you can do advertising within a minute in the city TV. It is possible to network with others or advertise with special offer coupons, vouchers or gift codes where citizens spare money.
• Local topics such as repair and optimisation, sports and gossip are use cases as well which are connected to emotions of the citizen.
• Each city can develop their own use cases on behalf of their citizens.

All these cases contribute to one topic: The city is going to be a medium. This is a core future asset, evolving towards a medium itself as having direct access to the citizens offers doors to new service developments as well as initiatives with the community such as crowd funding. (I.e. a local playground which needs to be renovated; Who can fund money or bring machinery or organize the project). Access to citizens as you can see is the starting point towards a smart city.

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