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What makes the company’s services and products smart?

With Mobility-as-a-Service, existing transport options in a region (public transport, sharing services, taxis, etc.) are linked via an app. In addition, this versatile mobility offer is supplemented with technical components such as payment features, routing or subscription models. The way from A to B becomes easier, more climate-friendly and faster, ideally without a private car.

Thanks to further personalization (CO2 rankings, statistics on individual mobility behavior, or an overview of all bookings), the mobility of travelers in cities and regions becomes a service. Fluidtime’s cloud-based service solution is a crucial element for future MaaS projects. It combines the travelers’ demands with a city’s integrated mobility services by creating a seamless data transfer between mobility service providers, transport service providers and the technical providers of route planners or payment functions.

FluidHub creates a local mobility marketplace that meets the expectations of both mobility service providers (centralized access to mobility services, simplified contracting) and transport service providers (better market visibility).

What can the company offer cities within the USC program?

Lots of motorized traffic, a bad eco-balance, few parking spaces and missing alternatives for eco-friendly travel – cities, and regions do not have to face these problems alone. Fluidtime supports cities with the implementation of sustainable mobility measures to give city inhabitants and commuters access to sustainable, comfortable and affordable mobility. Using intermodal apps, Fluidtime ensures that local mobility adapts to city requirements. This way, cities can make optimal use of existing resources and improve the quality of life in the region at the same time.

• Access to mobility
The FluidHub contains more than 190 transport companies worldwide who are constantly on the lookout for new operational areas and markets. Fluidtime is a gateway to a wealth of new transport possibilities for regions.

• Up-to-date numbers & data
Knowing how and when people in the region travel, and which means of transport they use. Data analyses and city reports provide cities with an insight into mobility behavior, user behavior and travelers’ preferred combinations of transport means on a regular basis.

• KPIs
Define and observe key performance indicators to implement regulative measures.

• Optimized planning
Insight into the mobility behavior of inhabitants who use an app supported by Fluidtime, improving transport and traffic planning long-term.

• Local value creation
Increase local value creation by drawing different mobility services into the region.


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