Goris Municipality


Population: 20.300

What makes the city smart?

Republic of Armenia State Committee on Urban Development, UNECE Land and Housing Division, Regional environmental center for Caucasus and Municipality of Goris city have launched the Smart City Profile for Goris (Syuniq region, Armenia) within the frames of United Smart Cities project during September 11 workshop on “Trends and challenges in sustainable housing, urban development and land management in the Republic of Armenia” organized in Yerevan, Armenia. Smart sustainable city profile of the city of Goris, Republic of Armenia, has been produced under the framework of the project “United Smart Cities”, coordinated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The profile for the City of Goris was requested by the State Urban Development Committee. It started with a fact-finding mission in February 2015, and was completed in 2017.

What are the city’s needs in term of urban project implementation?

Goris Town has been selected as an experimental showcase in the frames of the project “United Smart Cities” by United Smart Cities and the UNECE.

The Smart City Profile on sustainable urban development for Goris Town has been developed, which is currently submitted to the UNECE for proposals, amendments, and supplements.
The ideology of 'Smart City' is based on the sustainable, green, healthy, smart development of residential areas, promotes the implementation of investments and economic and urban development, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and establishment of green working places.

Showcase for sustainable projects

'Goris Smart City' pilot project is a part of 'Enhancing National Capacities for Urban Planning and Developing Sustainable Residential Households in Armenia' program, which has been submitted for the approval of the UNECE. Goris Town has been selected as a pilot project for its rich cultural and architectural heritage and unique natural landscape. Some of the most important medieval structures and cultural centers are located near Goris. The region has over 500 historical and architectural monuments.


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