Bursa Metropolitan Municipality


Population: 2.560.000

What makes the city smart?

Situated along the historical silk road, Bursa’s industry is thriving on cars and textiles.

Despite also being Turkey’s 4th most populated city it has earned the nickname “Green Bursa” due to its numerous parks. The historic city attracts the most tourists for thermal springs during summer and for snow sports on Mount Uludag (“Mount Olympus”) in Winter throughout Turkey.
Past and future projects aim to expand the green space which is interweaved into the urban fabric. As such, industrial zones are planned to be moved outside the city in an effort to reduce pollution and rehabilitate the contaminated areas.

Building on this, Bursa is a proud member of the ”Union of Healthy Cities of Turkey”. This recognizes their efforts of improving the physical, psychological and environmental well-being of the citizens.

What are the city’s needs in term of urban project implementation?

Bursa aims to be Turkey’s first sustainable smart city.

The focal point of Bursa’s strong economy is on manufacturing vehicles, textiles and furniture for export purposes. This has attracted many migrants, but has also been the cause of independent industrial estates built in nature conservation areas causing a loss of biodiversity and agricultural land.

The industrial city currently faces the challenges of pollution and exponential population growth for which the regional and national government are in need of innovative solutions to raise the citizen’s quality of life, simultaneously creating employment opportunities. Moreover, the population density has been straining the capacities of public services as well as infrastructure.

Showcase for sustainable projects

The Bursa Cosmopolitan Municipality has developed an extensive plan to remodel and expand the entire transportation network by 2030. Among the railway refurbishments and building of new roads, the existing ropeway that leads into the ski-area of Mount Uludag will be merged with an urban ropeway. This will extend Asia’s longest detachable monocable further into the city. Transporting a total of 4.000 passengers, the ropeway provides a direct connection from the city to recreation areas. Whilst European Leitner Ropeways, an industry partner of OiER, will be supplying the equipment, the project is arranged to be realized by local contractors and suppliers.
Amongst other, numerous social projects have been implemented under the Local Agenda 21 Organisation.



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