Oulun kaupunki (Oulu)


Population: 195.000

What makes the city smart?

The city of Oulu, the world’s northernmost tech hub, is known for its active development, versatile business structure, strong economy and competent people.
Oulu is the largest city in Northern Finland. Oulu is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of Oulu River, which is an ancient trading site. Oulu has evolved into a growing modern center of competence.
Oulu is known for its cooperative, competent people, active development, high-class services, versatile business structure and strong economy. Oulu offers an excellent setting for study, work, research and development.
‘Smart City Oulu’ rounds up the innovation environment, ecosystem and think tanks of the city, which create world-changing innovations, especially in the fields of ICT and Life Science.

Showcase for sustainable projects

An open wireless network, panOULU, is available in the city centre, libraries, city offices, Oulu Airport and even on some local buses.
All Oulu residents and visitors can use the panOULU network free of charge. All you need is a terminal with a WLAN access point.

Oulu10 offers a variety of services to all those visiting and living in Oulu. Oulu10 is a public service point, where real experts on Oulu - both people and other sources of information - are found under one roof.
You can easily find help and advice on a wide range of matters related to Oulu and services offered by the city such as general information about social and health care and well-being services, information about personal annual limits in social and health care payments.

Open Data:
City of Oulu has started to open public data sets for public use free of charge. Publication aims to increase the number of public data and its use as widely as possible for citizens, businesses, organizations, education and research purposes.
Datasets are available in machine-readable form, either as files or interfaces. The materials will be published in phases according to where data sets are technically ready to be opened.



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